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What is College Goal Kentucky?

College Goal KentuckySM is a statewide charitable program that provides free information and assistance to Kentucky families applying for college financial aid. College Goal Kentucky mobilizes financial aid professionals from Kentucky colleges and universities to help college-bound students and their families complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form is required for any student seeking federal financial aid–including grants and loans–for all colleges and universities in the nation.

When is College Goal Kentucky, and where are the College Goal Kentucky sites?

College Goal Kentucky 2021-2022 will begin in September 2021 with FAFSA prep and FAFSA completion events. Click here for the most up to date list of dates and locations. Check back frequently for updates.

Who participates in College Goal Kentucky?

College Goal Kentucky targets students who need financial aid to attend college, and who need help applying for that aid. Students should attend with a parent or guardian and bring their parents completed 2020 IRS 1040 tax return and other 2020 income and benefits information such as the W-2s. If parents are unable to attend, students may attend alone and bring their parents' completed 2020 IRS 1040 tax return and other income and benefits information.

What if I haven't completed my tax return?

If families haven't completed their taxes, financial aid professionals will be able to help fill out the rest of the FAFSA form and give instructions for estimating the financial portion.

What if I can't attend a College Goal Kentucky event?

For more information about financial aid and College Goal Kentucky, contact the college you plan to attend.

Why is College Goal Kentucky important?

College Goal Kentucky provides assistance in applying for financial aid to families who need it. By delivering this assistance, College Goal Kentucky helps ensure that students get the help they need when crossing the paper barrier to qualify for financial aid.

Who sponsors College Goal Kentucky?

College Goal Kentucky is a charitable effort of the not-for-profit Kentucky Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (KASFAA). Many organizations and individuals contribute to the program's annual success, but the primary sponsors are Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) and Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation (KHESLC).

Whom can I contact with questions?

Anyone interested in learning more about College Goal Kentucky may call toll-free, 1-888-4-KASFAA (1-888-452-7322).

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